Research and publications

This page contains a selection of published work from Quantopticon’s co-founders, Dr. Gaby Slavcheva and Dr. Mirella Koleva.

Book Editorship and Chapters

5. G. Slavcheva & A. V. Kavokin, ‘Polarisation control of Optically Pumped Terahertz Lasers’, 22nd International Materials Research Congress, Symposium 7E: Low-Dimensional Semiconductor Structures, MRS Proceedings, 1617, 199–204 (2013)

6. V. Sa-yakanit & G. Slavcheva, ‘Path-Integral Approach to the Band-tail Density of States in GaAs-AlxGa1-xAs Heterojunctions’, Path Integrals from peV to TeV: 50 years after Feynman’s paper, Eds. R. Casalbuoni, R. Giachetti, V. Tognetti, R. Vaia & P. Verucchi, World Scientific, Singapore (1999)

7. G. Slavcheva & I. Yanchev, ‘Path-Integral Calculation of the Electron Density of States in MIS-structures’, NATO ASI Series, Devices based on Low-Dimensional Semiconductor Structures, Ed. M. Balkanski, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 3. High Technology, Vol. 14, 189–198 (1996)