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what we do

We develop software for simulating quantum-photonic devices

Our software has applications chiefly in the budding fields of quantum computing and ultra-secure quantum communications. 

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We specialise in modelling quantum systems

We specialise in modelling quantum systems of the solid-state type, which are commonly embedded in cavity structures in order to control and enhance specific optical transitions. 

Our software for modelling interactions of light with matter is underpinned by an original and proprietary general methodology developed by us from first principles. 

The purpose of our software is ultimately to save quantum-optical designers time and money, by eliminating the need to carry out repeated experiments to test and optimise physical prototypes.


Our team and aims

Dr Mirella Koleva

Dr Mirella Koleva

Co-founder and CEO

Dr Gaby Slavcheva

Dr Gaby Slavcheva

Co-founder and CSO

Dr Vladi Kolev

Dr Vladi Kolev

IT Manager and System Administrator


Dr Fabrizio Sgrignuoli

Electromagnetics and Quantum Mechanics Specialist


Dr Martin Winslow

Computational Electromagnetics and Nanophotonics Specialist


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