Computational Quantum Photonics Physicist

Computational Quantum Photonics Physicist

Job Type: Office Work


We are looking for an enthusiastic and capable quantum photonics physicist with an excellent grasp of computational methods to join our Innovate UK-funded international collaboration, GALACTIC: ‘Generation of entAngLement for quAntum seCure mulTIparty Computation’.

Along with partners Ki3 Photonics Technologies Inc., University of Strathclyde, Fraunhofer UK Research Ltd., Bay Photonics and Galaxy Innovation Ltd., Quantopticon aims to develop efficient sources of entangled photons adapted to the current commercial optical fibre infrastructure. Under the project, Quantopticon will be in charge of the design and simulation of new integrated photonics structures by employing Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) methods to simulate micro-ring resonators made of highly nonlinear materials. The main deliverable will be improving the system’s design – specifically, optimising third-order nonlinearity processes – in order to maximise the efficiency of entangled photon-pair generation.

Job Description and Responsibilities

You will be responsible for developing and implementing into code an FDTD dynamical model of four-wave mixing in a silicon nitride micro-ring resonator acting as a bright source of entangled-pair photons. This task includes creating a 3D FDTD model of the micro-ring geometry. You will subsequently integrate the model into Quantopticon’s proprietary theoretical framework that underpins Quantillion, the company’s state-of-the-art quantum photonics simulation suite. Using the enhanced version of Quantillion incorporating the newly developed functionalities, you will produce an optimised blueprint of the above device to achieve maximum entanglement fidelity.

At all times you will closely follow and execute on the product development roadmap, make adjustments according to the needs of Quantillion’s de facto customer, Ki3 Photonics, and employ best practices in software development.

About Quantopticon

Quantopticon’s mission is to become the foremost global provider of simulation tools for quantum-photonic applications. The company develops a range of cutting-edge simulation software products dedicated to modelling quantum photonics systems. Operating at the physical layer of the design stack, our flagship product, Quantillion, is equipped with a library of quantum systems, photonic structure geometries and other user-selectable features, which empowers hardware engineers to construct a virtual model of a quantum-photonic device and subsequently identify its optimal parameters, simply by running a simulation. Eliminating the need to iterate on a physical prototype, Quantillion thus slashes device development costs by up to $250,000 and associated timelines by 24 weeks, helping commercial users to launch their products on the market sooner and capture larger revenues. Under a procurement contract with the European Space Agency, Quantopticon is currently designing single-photon sources with ultra-high purity and indistinguishability for the European network of quantum encryption satellites. These next-generation single-photon sources will close existing security loopholes in quantum communications and considerably increase data transmission rates along these channels.


Job Particulars

Employment period: 8 months in the first instance; convertible to a permanent position thereafter, subject to performance

Working hours: Full time

Anticipated start date: 15 October 2023

Location: hybrid; the company has offices in Institute of Physics, 37 Caledonian Road, London N1 9BU

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