Quantum Zeitgeist features Quantopticon

Quantum Zeitgeist features Quantopticon founders, Dr Mirella Koleva and Dr Gaby Slavcheva

In late December 2020, Brett Donovan from Quantum Zeitgeist wrote an excellent review of our software, Quantillion. Quantillion is a game-changing software suite for the rapid prototyping of quantum-photonics devices.

Brett highlighted that the photonics platform for building quantum technologies is highly likely to outcompete the others in the long run. The facts certainly speak for themselves: quantum start-ups adhering to this school of thought (e.g., PsiQuantum) have received some of the highest investments seen to date.

In the Quantum Zeitgeist article, Professor Peter Littlewood also points out that, just as the semiconductor industry relies heavily on advanced design tools for the development of any technology component, so will Quantillion become indispensable for the quantum industry in accelerating the pace of development of next-generation quantum components.

The full interview is available here.

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