Learn about the people set to use Quantillion

'The project is very timely, as we are beginning to see examples of engineered single photon source devices moving towards commercialisation, and so there is a real prospect that the development suite (Quantillion) could help to advance UK quantum technologies towards economic and social benefit.'
Jason Smith
Professor Jason Smith
Leader of the Photonic Nanomaterials Group, University of Oxford
'I was impressed by the accuracy and generality rendered by their theoretical methodology, and the additional capabilities that it offers, such as modelling ultrafast nonlinear dynamics and quantum-optical effects. I am also interested in their original active FDTD method for treating open quantum systems.'
Simon Li
Dr Simon Li
CEO of Crosslight Software
'With its rigorous description of femtosecond and even sub-cycle pulses, Quantillion will allow us to model coherent regimes of operation. As the software computes the time evolution of the quantum system, and in particular, the (polarised) time-resolved photoluminescence trace, we can compare the simulations with our experiments and infer important material parameters from this.'
Philippe Roussignol
Professor Philippe Roussignol
Former Director of Research at Laboratoire Pierre Aigrain, École Normale Supérieure
'To the best of my knowledge, there is no other software capable of describing quantum systems so completely and so accurately. In addition, Quantillion enables the user to explore new combinations of device configurations and pulse excitations, opening the way to ground-breaking quantum optical phenomena, with the potential to take quantum optical device design in new directions.'
Maurice Skolnick
Professor Maurice Skolnick, FRS, FMRAS
University of Sheffield & Scientific Advisor to Quantopticon
'With such a simulation tool, my team could model/simulate the behavior of a wide variety of new artificially constructed materials (metamaterials) and their modification of the behaviors of current and future optical systems. Thus, our work would continue to be at the frontiers of the exciting, impactful metamaterials research area.'
Richard Ziolkowski
Professor Richard Ziolkowski, FOSA, FAPS, FIEEE
University of Technology Sydney & Scientific Advisor to Quantopticon
'I can see clearly that their software will be extremely useful to academics and commercial companies alike, as it will allow experimentalists to predict outcomes without experiments, leading to a reduction in wasted time and laboratory resources.'
Stanko Tomic
Professor Stanko Tomić
Chair in Photonics, University of Salford
'Computational modelling is an essential aid to the design of quantum-photonic devices for applications in quantum technologies. One of the major obstacles standing in the way of accurate modelling is how to simulate and control realistic open quantum systems and devices efficiently. Remarkably, within their software, Dr Slavcheva and Dr Koleva address and tackle this salient issue by developing master equations, based on self-consistent solution of vector Maxwell and density matrix equations in the real-pseudospin vector geometrical picture.'
Alexey Kavokin
Professor Alexey Kavokin
Chair of Nanophysics and Photonics, University of Southampton